Oil Change


Oil servicing is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to extend the life of your vehicle. Regularly ensuring your oil is clean protects your engine from friction-induced wear and keeps the engine performing at optimum levels as well as extending the life of the engine.


Is oil analysis beneficial for a combustion engine?

oil analysis can provide information concerning the condition of the air intake system by monitoring the silicon (dirt) levels in the oil. The levels of iron and aluminum can warn of piston and cylinder wear before a major failure occurs. Bearing wear rates can be determined and action taken before the crankshaft becomes badly scored. Fuel dilution, anti‑freeze leaks and water entry can be detected while they are still minor problems. The levels of contamination and combustion soot within the oil can indicate a restricted air intake system, ineffective oil filters, poor combustion or a rich air/fuel ratio. An oil sample could easily be taken during a regularly scheduled service on your truck, and sent to the lab for analysis, just ask our service department.



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We stock several brands of Filters, If you have a brand preference talk to our service department.


All drivetrain, suspension, and chassis components are greased with high quality lubricant

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