Wheel Alignment


Let us help you Reduce your fleet’s fuel and tire expenditure with our advanced alignment equipment

As a heavy vehicle fleet operator, did you know that regular complete wheel alignments is one of the most effective ways of reducing your operating costs?

How does a truck wheel misalignment costs you?

What happens when a truck’s wheels are out of alignment? There are many negative effects, including:

  • Poor steering responsiveness
  • Increased tracking sensitivity
  • Increased mechanical wear
  • Increased tire wear
  • Increased rolling resistance and fuel consumption
  • Potential hazard to other vehicles
  • Increased driver discomfort

We have the required skills and equipment to perform wheel alignment on trucks and trailers with pin point accuracy.

If you notice excessive pull on the steering wheel, or strange wear patterns on your truck or trailer tires, there could be alignment issues, often caused by worn out suspension or steering components.  We are able to perform in-depth diagnostics that’ll ensure that your vehicle is aligned to OEM spec’s